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About Us


Foundation The Delta Chi Fraternity was originally founded on October 13th, 1890 at Cornell University, and here at the University of Maryland in 1990. Delta Chi was originally founded as a professional fraternity for law students based on the ideals of Sir Edward Coke. In 1922, Delta Chi officially converted from a professional fraternity to the social fraternity we have today.

Delta Chi Maryland currently has 68 members, 32 of which live in our chapter house at 6 Fraternity Row. Those not currently living in the main house can be found anywhere from several Knox towers apartments, houses, or on-campus dorms or apartments.


Athletics- Intramural sports are a greatly contribute to the brotherhood of Delta Chi. In the highly competitive fraternity sports leagues, we have (insert success of sports here, including soccer (indoor and out), basketball, flag football, and anything else).

Outside of organized leagues, sports are still a great pastime for many of the brothers. The basketball court behind our chapter house is constantly used, football is played on the field within Fraternity row, and local golf courses and driving ranges are frequently visited.


Social The superior social life of Delta Chi is a reflection of the continuous growth of our chapter in years past, and our ongoing commitment to bettering ourselves today.


Delta Chi participates in many functions at the local bars in College Park. The specials throughout the week attract many brothers, as well as any performance or event. The bars serve as a great third-party vendor for socials with a sorority, or even a few sororities and other fraternities combined.


Delta Chi hosts tailgates before every home football game in the fall and before a few home lacrosse games in the spring at both on-campus and off-campus locations. Tailgates are one of the best social events we have as a fraternity.


Brotherhood events, an organized event involving sports or a party atmosphere exclusively with brothers, are held weekly to improve the overall household brotherhood.

Community Service The University requires hours of community service from each fraternity. We take pride in using this opportunity to make a difference in the surrounding community. In the past year, members have volunteered at a children's hospital in Washington D.C., helped other organizations on campus such as the domestic violence group Teal and Purple, (add others here).


The national philanthropy of Delta Chi is the Jimmy V foundation for Cancer Research. With the earnings from the fundraiser Delta Chi Movers, we are proud to be the highest donor of all the Delta Chi chapters in the nation to the V foundation.

"We need money for research. It may not save my life. It may save my children's lives. It may save someone you love." -Jim Valvano, 1993 ESPY Awards.

Alumni We keep a strong connection Delta Chi Alumni by hosting an alumni tailgate/picnic every semester, as well as encouraging them to visit at other times during the semester. Alumni of Delta Chi are have much to offer, including advice, possible job connections, or even life to a party. Alumni are also able to keep in touch with each other through an Alumni listserve email.

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