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What is Rush?


Rush is a period of time for prospective members to visit the fraternity and gather information about its membership.  The official Rush Week is always the first week of every semester, however rush continues throughout the remainder of each semester as well.


Rush is a great time to learn about Delta Chi as we provide all the information you may want to know about us.  As a rush you should strive to meet as many brothers as possible during our rush events in order to better learn about the bond that we share and our college lifestyle.  After you get a chance to meet a majority of the chapter and have attended several of our rush functions, you will receive a bid from our Recruitment Chair.  A bid is a formal invitation to join the Delta Chi Fraternity.

Rush Delta Chi Facebook Group

Fall 2009 Rush Schedule
Thursday, September 3rd- IFC Kickoff at Stamp Student Union
Friday, September 4th- House Tour of 6 Fraternity Row 4-7pm
Sponsored by McDonald's and Taco Bell
Saturday, September 5th- BBQ and Sports outside of 6 Fraternity Row 1-5pm
Sunday, September 6th- NFL Football at 6 Fraternity Row 1-5pm
Monday, September 7th- Wings at the Thirsty Turtle on Rt. 1      4-6pm
Tuesday, September 8th- Sports outside 6 Fraternity Row  4-7pm
Wednesday, September 9th-  VIP Invite Only
Thursday, September 10th- VIP Invite Only


When rush is completed, the Associate Member process begins.  The Associate Member Councilor (AMC) is in charge of educating the Associate Members about the Delta Chi fraternity throughout the six week program.  Associate Members are recognized by the entire fraternity and may participate in intramural sports, social functions, and chapter expectations.  Each new member will also be given a Big Brother who will serve as a mentor throughout the Associate Member program as well as the rest of your experience with the Delta Chi Fraternity.

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